Professional drivers, who adhere to the highest standards of client service and corporate dress-code.

All ASAP drivers are full-time employees and have at least five years experience in the industry. Each undergoes compulsory training and, if and when they pass a series of examinations, receives an official certificate. Only then will they be able to put themselves forward to drive the Hyundai Equus. 

ASAP guarantees that each driver takes a daily medical examination before starting work. Their compliance with our corporate dress-code (business suit, chauffeur's hat and badge) are also monitored closely to ensure they keep to our high standards of client service.

Our colleagues are always neat and well turned-out, their clothing conforms to our corporate dress-code. They are polite, honest and punctual, and fully respect client confidentiality.

Training and certification

Only a professional may get behind the wheel of a Grandee. All our drivers are fully trained and receive a professionally-recognised certificate. Minimum work experience as a driver is five years.

Medical examination

All our drivers undergo a daily medical check-up before going on duty:

The test covers how they walk, their general physical condition, speech, skin-tone, the steadiness of their upper extremities, their eyes (whites and pupils), presence of alcohol on the breath and general appearance. In this way we check for alcohol- or drug-related intoxication.

Their temperature is also taken – if it is running high then they are taken off duty and admitted to the local medical clinic. Their blood pressure, pulse and rate of respiration are also measured, and if any abnormality is found they are first examined more thoroughly, and if necessary sent to the doctor.

The final stage of the medical check-up is the breathalyser. Once the examination is finished, it is recorded in the journal, countersigned by both examiner and driver, and the driver's daily driving slip is stamped.


Grandee drivers all observe our corporate dress-code:

  • Business suit
  • Shirt and collar
  • Smart shoes
  • The Grandee badge
  • Chauffeur's hat with peak
  • A neat andftidy outward appearance
  • Service standards

    Our drivers adhere to all requisite norms of client interaction:

  • Polite and attentive at all times
  • Do not ask unnecessary questions or attempt to make conversation
  • Do not share personal or confidential information
  • Honest
  • Punctual
  • Do not use their mobile phones except where strictly necessary in the execution of their duties
  • Help with the loading and unloading of baggage
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