Hyundai Equus

Our fleet vehicle is the new, luxurious Hyundai Equus, specified with the Elite options package. And for the most important events, we can offer you the Royal Limousine stretched version.

Discreet, yet distinctive, the EQUUS is a car that is impossible not to notice. Just for you – a stunning chocolate-tinted black automobile with elegant 18-inch alloy wheels and exquisite detailing. We have no intention of labeling something this magnificent as just a taxi.

You will undoubtedly appreciate the supple ride afforded by the car's innovative chassis, which is crafted from high-tensile steel to reduce vibration transfer. Electronic control over the air-suspension’s ride-height provides even more smoothness when needed.

In motion

Savour the luxury and singular comfort as you ride in our automobile.


You will fully appreciate the harmony of the luxurious dark tan leather interior, and the levels of comfort and safety provided. The rear seats are equipped with a convenient lumbar support system, state-of-the-art backrests and side-bolsters, generously-proportioned cushions and pliant headrests with side-panels which can be turned forward by up to 15 degrees.

Rear passengers can also adjust their own surroundings for maximum comfort. The rear console incorporates a control panel which can be used to adjust the climate control, seat position and audio system. The front passenger seat also tips forward to allow the passenger in the seat behind to stretch out fully.

All our vehicles come complete with today's newspapers, a universal charger for your mobile devices, free Wi-Fi, a SatNav to show you the route, an umbrella in case it rains, and a supply of natural mineral water.

Safety and security

The car incorporates three safety systems: early warning, passive and active, all of which work together to protect both driver and passengers.

A total of nine airbags: along with the front and side airbags for driver,  front and rear passengers, the system features side air-curtains and a knee-bag for the driver. In a collision, all air-bags work in concert with the seatbelt pretensioners and active head-restraints.

Seatbelt pretensioners, which deploy at the moment of impact, firmly restrain the driver and passengers in their seats, preventing them from being thrown forward, thereby reducing the risk of injury.


The vehicle interior contains nothing superfluous. Only space, and the feeling of harmony which that brings.

The vehicle can accommodate up to four passengers, and will take four pieces of luggage.

The front passenger seat also tips forward to allow the passenger in the seat behind to stretch out fully. 

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